7 Tips to work harder and be more successful

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  1. Do whatever it takes

If you’re super smart, that’s awesome. Good for you. But the truth is the most successful people are often not the smartest. They’re the ones who do whatever it takes and don’t give up. So hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring!

  1. Get addicted to succeeding

Scientists have found achieving a big success in business produces an endorphin rush in much the same way as cocaine. The harder you work, the more you will win, and the more you will love working even more!

  1. Get excited about your vision

As you grow your business, sometimes you get so buried in the day to day that you forget your original vision. Are you doing what you set out to do? If you’re not, the problem may be that you just need to get excited about your vision again!

  1. Go for a drive

We’ve found long drives make us more creative. A long drive might not seem like a productive occasion, but it can be an opportunity to analyze the situation at hand and strategize.

  1. Make a choice

Some people are so brilliant that success comes easy. But most of us have to make a choice. Succumb to mediocrity or do what others won’t to have what they can’t.

  1. Improve

You can always improve. Lazy people rest on accomplishments they had in the past, but while they’re partying, the real winners are refining their skills, learning and working!

  1. How do you like me now?

If success isn’t enough as it’s own reward just think about how you’ll get to do this to someone:

For even more tips visit Dauntless Communications’ new Twitter feed devoted entirely to motivation and business success at http://twitter.com/MoreSuccess4U

Eric Eisenhammer is CEO of Dauntless Communications a political strategy and technology company with offices in Roseville, CA and Reno, NV.

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