8 things we can learn about business from Santa

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1) Make a list and check it twice

Santa’s job is so complex. He has to keep track of the behavior of millions of children around the world and then manage the logistics of delivering their presents in just one night. He’s able to keep it all under control because he makes a list and he checks it twice.

When the amount of things I have to do feels overwhelming, I make a list and then I don’t need to worry about it any more. I simply do each thing one by one and in that way a big task can be broken down into manageable pieces. 

2) Give things away for free

Everybody likes getting something for free. When your business finds ways to let prospective clients experience your services for free before buying, it begins building a relationship and it often leads to a sale.

3) Deadlines are important

Santa needs to get millions of toys made before the Christmas holiday. Every kid around the world counts down to the day that Santa will deliver their toys. He can’t just do it later. If Santa misses the deadline millions of kids will be disappointed.

Likewise with your business, clients expect a faster and faster response and are impatient with long waits. Show up late or get a project done late and you might not get another opportunity from that client or prospect.

4) Have a good team

There’s no way Santa can make millions of toys for all the kids on the planet himself so he has a team of elves who work hard helping him. Their hard work helps make it possible. Likewise, Santa doesn’t have any lazy or entitled workers. You’ve never heard about a strike or a picket line at Santa’s workshop have you? Nope. The elves have a good attitude and they get it done.

5) Reward the good and not the bad

You get more of what you invest in. Santa invests in the good kids and gives coal to the bad ones.

6) Have a positive attitude

Santa’s always happy. Can you not feel happy when you think about Santa? Santa Claus is so beloved that even though he is a symbol of a Christian holiday, he’s roundly loved and celebrated by millions of people of all religions. Santa’s smile and gregarious nature are just infectious.

Likewise, you can build relationships with people just by being friendly and showing goodwill to them. You don’t have to agree on everything to be pleasant.

7) Accept the goodwill of others

People are well meaning by nature and when you set out on a course many will offer their help with no strings attached. Be open to accepting help. Santa has a long and tiring journey around the world but the milk and cookies and other snacks people leave for him give him the energy to take his task to completion.


8) Show up at events — or organize them yourself

Santa does a good job showing up at events. By being present in the community, you can raise awareness of your business. As Grant Cardone says, “your greatest enemy is obscurity.” Santa is so famous that most people can’t even name any other symbolic Christmas figures.

Have you ever heard of Bonhomme, the snowman in the picture? Probably not. Why not? He doesn’t really show up outside of Quebec. And he’s kinda creepy looking, but that’s just my opinion.

Eric Eisenhammer is CEO of Dauntless Communications a political strategy and technology company based in the Western US.

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