Don’t do these seven things if you want to be happy and successful

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If you’re doing any of these things, stop!

  1. Settle and stop hustling.

As soon as you give up, you’ve lost.

  1. Believe conspicuous consumption brings happiness.

The only reason anyone would think that it does is because a multi-billion dollar marketing industry is trying to brainwash people into buying their products.

  1. Be like everyone else

Success can sometimes be a lonely place. When you make it into the top few percent, you start to feel like many people don’t understand you. The typical person spends their spare time drinking or watching TV, but priorities are much different for successful people.

  1. Let your feelings control you

We all have negative feelings sometimes, but you can actually train your brain to be more positive by choosing to think more positive thoughts.

  1. Be a victim

Don’t be a victim. YOU control your destiny.

  1. Be stressed and afraid

There’s a lot of reasons to be afraid or be stressed, but you just have to make it go right. And you can make it go right, if you look fear in the eye and don’t back down.

  1. Make life into a soap opera

It’s easy to make life into a soap opera – but you won’t make money if you waste your time being pulled into needless drama. Focus on your success and leave the drama to the soap opera actors.

Eric Eisenhammer is CEO of Dauntless Communications a political strategy and technology company with offices in Roseville, CA and Reno, NV.

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