Looking for an internship? We are always on the lookout for a Communications, Policy, or Technology Analyst to assist part time at our political and tech oriented communications company. No experience is required and we will train the intern in all the skills he or she will need. Hours are flexible and looking for a commitment around 15-20 hours a week. This paid internship will last for 6 months with the possibility to be extended. Hourly pay for the duration of this internship will be $10/hour.

Responsibilities for Analyst Positions

  • Assist in proposition campaigns and issue advocacy (Policy)
  • Perform website maintenance (Technology)
  • Work on social media projects as needed (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) (Communications)
  • If intern is more inclined towards political or technological or communications work, we will adjust responsibilities accordingly


  • Positive attitude and a team player
  • Ability to work independently on projects
  • Motivated to ensure quality work
  • Creative thinker who navigates problems efficiently
  • Desire to work in the political and technological communications realm

What you will receive from working at this internship

At completion of your internship you will receive a letter of recommendation. You will gain experience working in politics and technology. In addition, because no experience is required to start, we will train you in the basis and essentials for various political and technological tasks that can be used in most political communications companies.


Application Form