More Services

Here are more services that Dauntless Communications can provide. This list is subject to addition and subtraction of services, as well as pricing subject to change.

  • Social Media Graphics $100/ea.

    Build your brand online with stunning social media graphics advertising your business. Includes one revision.

  • Content Writing $150

    We will write one blog post that covers a topic of your choosing and is 500-750 words. Includes one revision.

  • Logo Design $250

    We will provide 4 potential logos to choose from. Pick your favorite. Includes 1 revision.

  • Social Media Marketing Schedule $200

    Create a social media marketing schedule that focuses on when to post and includes samples of what content to post and what content to boost.

  • CRM Set-up + Training Session $250

    Provide our affiliate link to the Pipedrive CRM to purchase an account. We will setup the account and provide a 2 hour training session on how to use Pipedrive.

  • Promo Video Creation $300

    Help promote your business on social media with a promo video! Includes 1 revision.