Our Story

In 2009, Dauntless Communications Founder, Eric Eisenhammer, played a major part in one of California’s biggest political victories that experts had never expected to be possible.

Eric served as campaign manager for the No on Prop. 1A campaign on behalf of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s No New Taxes committee. Prop. 1A was a major tax increase supported by many of California’s most powerful special interests.

It was at this time that Eric also began receiving requests to build websites for nonprofits, churches, and small businesses.

Although No on 1A was outspent by 20-1, intense grassroots opposition and Eric’s talent for marshalling the opposition with digital and in person organizing efforts, resulted in a landslide defeat of the proposal that shocked the political establishment.

In 2010, Eric collaborated with Assemblyman Dan Logue on a proposal to postpone implementation of California’s cap and trade program. After Assemblyman Logue’s bill to postpone this program was rejected by the Legislature, Eric and Assemblyman Logue worked with a broad coalition of business and taxpayer groups to put Proposition 23 on the ballot.

Prop. 23 marked a significant milestone in California politics because it was among the first times energy consumers and taxpayers stood up against counterproductive energy policies that would harm our economy and cost jobs.

At the conclusion of the Prop. 23 campaign, Eric founded Dauntless Communications to engage in further campaign work, advocacy, and web development.

Since then, Dauntless Communications has steadily grown, gaining a reputation for our fast response times and commitment to excellence.

We have grown from a spare bedroom in Eric’s house to an office in Roseville, to a larger office in Roseville and into Nevada. In addition to projects around California and Nevada, our work has taken us around the country, to Texas, Virginia, and elsewhere.

Our clients have included a diverse cross section of political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, churches and small businesses.